The Stranger Eons Team

Katie Ampersand

Who came up with the original idea, directs the project, makes pages, created the artstyle, makes music, wrote the story and made the website for the comic. Her website is this.


Who makes pages for the comic. You can find her in the Ampersandia discord server.


This website is generated with Kismesis (previously Templ8), using KAMI as a markup language, both tools made by Katie Ampersand.

The animations in this website were created using the Godot Engine, but the engine itself is not present in the website. Recordings are kindly made by Jenywlfersn.

All the visuals in this website were made with Aseprite.

All the music in this website was made with JummBox.

This website is hosted in Neocities.

Special Thanks To


The way she's enthusiastic about my work fills me with life. I don't know if I'd've commited to this without her around.


I don't know if we'd have a concept of a Stranger Eons Fandom without her.


She's been making art of this little project since very early into it. It fills me with life each time.


She was the first person to make me think seriously about my work. If she hadn't offered to help with Treize's soundtrack, I can't imagine any of this would be here.


Without the space she made, I don't think I'd even be the same person.


None of this would be possible without you.

And thanks to the Stranger Eons readers for giving my work some of their time. It is the most precious resource we all have.


If you find your assets in my work and find that I'm not crediting you appropriately, or simply wish to say nice things and don't want to join the discord or the matrix room, feel free to e-mail me at:

katie-and [at] ampersandia [dot] net