BOP: Good.
BOP: Finally, I’m talking to an equal.

CL: Fuck off.
CL: You always do this.

BOP: Stop wearing that flesh suit, then.
BOP: We are literal gods.
BOP: Why do you wish to be less.

CL: A literal god would be fearless.
CL: A literal god would have answers.
CL: A literal god doesn’t die.
CL: We are the size of atoms in the scale of everything else.

BOP: And still, the task of guarding every cosmos has been bestowed upon only us.

CL: By whom?!

BOP: Do we need to know?
BOP: There are much more pressing matters in the realm of the Sciences.
BOP: You’re no longer as young as to not understand the state of our world.

CL: Do not speak to me like that. I am several billion years older than you.

BOP: That would have meant something to me before.
BOP: But you are no longer my superior.
BOP: You’re just a crazed mind who collects barren earths.