BOP: I will never understand why you’re so insistent.
BOP: We all expect the exact same outcome. There’s a reason we have done what we have done.
BOP: The order should have been unanimous.

CL: Well, it wasn’t.

BOP: And that is why we kicked you out.
BOP: Tell me, Leaves, do you know what happens to a human who takes care of wild animals?

CL: They learn to-

BOP: They die, Leaves. They are eaten.

CL: Then they weren’t trained properly.

BOP: And who trained you?

CL: I’m… self taught.

BOP: Alright, then.
BOP: We should watch a “self taught” human taking care of a lion.
BOP: Surely, it would be an entertaining experience for the both of us.

CL: Fuck off.

BOP: I thought so.