[… 49 MINUTES AGO …]

AT: oh cmon dude

DH: What?
DH: She cant keep the bit forever lol

AT: dude i think shes for real
AT: i mean like. were all clearly making some shit up

DH: Yall are

AT: yknow we all believe your making ur life up lol

DH: Well i believe youre all making your lives up

AV: yes.
AV: thats the point he’s trying to make.

DH: And what’s ryann’s deal here anyways?
DH: You gonna steal mars’ girlfriend?

AV: she’s not my girlfriend.

AT: plus
AT: i really just think youre mean

DH: Only as long as its fun

AT: yeah well
AT: fuck you

DH: Yeah

AV: lol

DH: Well
DH: Fuck you

AT: no but like for real
AT: yall remember that time she disappeared for like
AT: three months?

AV: yeah.

AT: i think id struggle ghosting someone so long
AT: let alone my only friends

AV: we don’t know if we’re her only friends.

DH: Well im quite sure we are
DH: Okay yeah im being an asshole
DH: Sorry

AT: its fine
AT: what i said was kinda bad. you just continued it

DH: Damn
DH: Now i feel bad
DH: I hope shes okay


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EF: hi guys!!!!!
EF: you wont believe the thing i fought today!