Check her computer

DH: I'm back!
DH: oh you're kidding
DH: Asteroids? End of the world?
DH: I had to climb down the tower just to see that you all agreed to climb up the whole thing?
DH: Fine
DH: I'm cool with that I guess
DH: Oh we're gonna meet
DH: Sorry I'm still skimming the messages
DH: I need a second to think through all of this
DH: So the world is ending
DH: Or something
DH: I'm actually not sure what that's supposed to mean. Like, will we all die?
DH: And we're climbing the tower to save ourselves
DH: And we have no idea what to do after that
DH: And all of us are going alone?
DH: I think only Sari here knows how to hunt food
DH: That would be useful after everyone dies
DH: Unless animals also die?
DH: And plants?
DH: How does any of this work?
DH: Ugh why couldn't I have come home to a bunch of "where's claw????" messages instead of this
DH: I hate that you're all my friends sometimes. Weirdos
DH: That's not true