AT: yeah we're gonna need to be quick
AT: i'll try to think of it as just me going to meet my friends
AT: i'm going to freak the hell out otherwise

AV: how do you know the world is ending?

AT: look up the word asteroid
AT: actually, why are you gonna climb up the tower if you don't even know about this?

AV: no idea.
AV: i feel weird trying to think about it.
AV: i'm gonna think about it when i'm on the bus, because the ride is long.

AT: how long?

AV: i'll be there in a few hours.

EF: so do we just climb up? how far up?

AT: that works
AT: also yes climb up as far as you can
AT: above the clouds if you can
AT: reach the top, mars and i will be there
AT: is claw on?
AT: she needs to come too
AT: the climb is long but there's a few elevator arrays on the tower. i don't think any of them goes all the way up to the top
AT: but it should be good enough
AT: i can make a quick drawing of which legs have them

EF: but i can't see drawings

AV: can you make ascii art for her?

AT: dude that's gonna take ages

AV: alright i'll do that on the bus too then

AT: i need a reference frame for the map

EF: whaddat?

AT: a place that we all know where it is
AT: so you all can guide yourselves from there

EF: what about my house?

AT: we don't know where you live

EF: it's the only house you can see around, besides the ruins in the distance

AT: there are no ruins nearby

AV: im looking it up on oogle maps.

AT: why the fuck is it called oogle

AV: dfk man some old man decided people should say "one sec im oogling it" when they look something up.

EF: that's kinda funny

AV: ok it looks like one of the legs is right by the magdalena river.
AV: does that work for anyone?

EF: there's a river near here
EF: i have friends there!

AT: no idea why you called it that but yes i know the river you mean and i can already think of a few arrays near there

AV: awesome.

AT: so we just have to tell claw about this and we're set