Ask someone about what's happening

You approach one of the scientists and ask them what this is all about.

Scientist: some of the new bioweapon prototypes escaped

Ryann: the rot masses?

Scientist: no not those
Scientist: see those chambers?

Ryann: yeah what are they?

Scientist: honestly? i have no idea
Scientist: listen, don't tell vekh i said this
Scientist: (genuinely, don't tell him)
Scientist: but i think they're meant to act as underwater soldiers
Scientist: they're just really bad at that

Ryann: what does that mean?

Scientist: we followed all his design requirements
Scientist: but, like, these things are barely capable of hearing each other underwater
Scientist: he either doesn't understand accoustics or deliberately impaired their communication
Scientist: he's a genius when he's not acting insane, this has got to be intentional, right?
Scientist: how are these things meant to survive longer than five minutes?
Scientist: and who are we gonna fight anyways? it's the fucking end of the world!

Ryann: i see...