You can't handle this shit.

AT: what
AT: dude fuck you
AT: im gonna block you again
AT: fuck this shit

AV+: sorry
AV+: if it makes it any better things aren't exactly great over here either

AT: yes the world has not ended yet if thats what you mean
AT: can you please stop now

AV+: dude
AV+: i'm trying to make sure things don't go badly
AV+: what am i doing right now?

AT: what do you mean
AT: like, right now?
AT: you're messing with my head i guess

AV+: no i mean
AV+: am i climbing the tower now
AV+: did i already message you about that

AT: what?
AT: aight i can't psychologically handle this anymore
AT: fuck off

atomicTerrified has blocked anotherVenus+