You proceed to unblock him.

anotherVenus+ has begun messaging atomicTerrified

AV+: hey
AV+: ryann
AV+: please respond
AV+: i need something from you
AV+: it's kind of urgent

AT: mars?
AT: what's wrong?
AT: why a new account?

AV+: i need you to help me with something

AT: is this a scam?
AT: this is a scam isn't it
AT: what did you dream about today?

AV+: fuck.
AV+: i don't remember man
AV+: you have no idea how long ago that was

AT: so you don't know.

AV+: dude what kind of question is that
AV+: that's your best way to verify who i am?

AT: you told us about it today
AT: surely you remember a bit

atomicTerrified has blocked anotherVenus+

atomicTerrified has unblocked anotherVenus+

AV+: dude
AV+: dude
AV+: dude
AV+: you cant block me forever
AV+: oh shit you unblocked me

AT: so i can't stop thinking about the end of the world
AT: so i guess i'll play along
AT: what is it do you need a credit card number?
AT: bank account?
AT: i can get you any bank account info you want really

AV+: yes ryann i know you have access to everyone's private info.
AV+: i also know when you were messaging claw earlier.
AV+: is that enough proof that im a human.
AV+: are you done roleplaying a captcha.

AT: jeez man fine
AT: did claw tell you that?
AT: this should be easing my nerves not whatever this is doing
AT: what kind of con artist are you

AV+: this is why i never message you early if i can help it.
AV+: you specifically.
AV+: sari was much more likely to believe whatever she read under my username.
AV+: i'm glad that changed.
AV+: but i can never get to her this early.
AV+: because i kept breaking her computer.

AT: fucked up but ok

AV+: ok where to start.
AV+: is everyone on earth still alive?