Introduce yourself

Your name is Ryann. You are the prince of the only nation in the world, and your father is the leader of a warrior society that has now reached complete absurdity and is probably on the brink of collapse and complete unsustainability. Your username is atomicTerrified. You try to think of yourself as a cool guy - you're so cool that the universe is willing to stop whatever it's doing just to point out how cool you are. You're that cool.

You live in one of the rooms of the royal tower, which one of your friends calls Aminara Tower, for some reason. Your interests include chemistry, astronomy, art and history. You tend to be secretive about your personal information with your online friends, because you don't want to be a big deal of any kind, except with Claw, who seems to be a big deal of some kind in a nation that you know for a fact does not exist. So you both relate, you suppose.

You were just talking to her, since Mars has just stopped responding to messages for whatever reason. And now, she has stopped responding too. Sari's computer is broken at the moment, leaving you with no one to talk to right now, except maybe your father, and the scientists that live in the tower, and the butler.

What will you do now?