AV: yeah well about that
AV: i... forgot it at home
AV: and i already booked a bus ticket out of here
AV: and it's money i stole from mom's drawers in the kitchen
AV: i think i shouldn't come back

AT: what??
AT: holy shit
AT: my life is spiraling down, man

AV: tell me about it
AV: i need to go to the top of the tower
AV: i think we all have to go there

AT: wait what why?
AT: its not like your parents are gonna kill you for stealing

AV: true but also
AV: so my house is littered with dead residents

AT: residents?

AV: creatures from the tower
AV: single eyed with camouflage
AV: can do holograms with their eyes apparently
AV: and teleport or something

AT: how do you know about that?
AT: whatever, go on

AV: so my parents were keeping some in a cage.
AV: but one was free somehow.
AV: so he told me how to free the others.
AV: they were in this locked room my parents have that i was already trying to open.
AV: why did i want to open that again?.
AV: whatever i'll think about that on the bus.
AV: when i entered it, it was a weird sci fi room full of like advanced computer stuff.
AV: and a lot of imagery of this one golden flower that they like to keep.
AV: but on the computer i freed the guy's friends so i think we're friends now maybe.
AV: what he showed me next is a series of images.
AV: of four people climbing a tower.
AV: and look, it may be just because their skin was the same color as our chats.
AV: but like. i think it was us.
AV: and then all of them, like, merged together into a single one.
AV: like the residents i mean.
AV: and it just stared at me for what felt like minutes before teleporting off to nowhere.
AV: or something.

AT: jesus man
AT: i hate that that makes sense to me right now

EF: well not to me
EF: what is going on??