She begins with a message that we have already seen.


etherealFugitive messaged 'the htub' (4 people)

EF: hi guys!!!!!
EF: you wont believe the thing i fought today!
EF: well it was more of a chase
EF: but i was cool while running it i promise

AV: oh my god.
AV: sari are you okay?
AV: jesus christ.
AV: i have to stop forgetting that i cant send images to the group chat
AV: and
AV: you dont have to look cool while running for your life
AV: thats literally the thing that matters the least in that situation

EF: i can think of some things that would matter less :B
EF: but im okay!!! on the way back home i found an old friend in the river and he showed me one of his friends
EF: i think they were friends at least
EF: i can't speak with them so idk what if they're family?????????
EF: or what if i interrupted a very heated fight!! D:

AV: im sure whatever happened is fine.
AV: hey, um.
AV: mind if i briefly change the topic?

EF: uh, sure!!

AV: so you know that gift i've been telling you about?

EF: the game you want me to play if we ever meet?

AV: not that one the other one.

EF: the one that is so cute it'll literally change how i think about the world forever??

AV: jeez man, did i really say that?
AV: ok its not that good. i just bought it online.
AV: but i think you'll like it.
AV: except...
AV: ok jeez i should have started with this.
AV: so im going to the tower.

AT: youre WHAT
AT: like THE tower
AT: like MY HOME

AV: ryann i still dont think you live in the tower.
AV: but also today is fucked up man.
AV: i have no idea what to think about all this.
AV: like, for all i know y'all are from a different universe or something.
AV: so maybe you are from an alternate universe in which spanish is dead and he does live in the tower. who the fuck knows.

AT: i want to say that youre not making sense but
AT: fuck i hate my life
AT: ok go on

EF: do you mean like, the one that goes above the ash clouds???

AV: yes, that one. the one you say you live close to.