AT: its just really weird and scary honestly
AT: i try to not think a lot about it
AT: but yknow
AT: thats hard to do

DH: Yeah
DH: I imagine

AT: idk it's all just weird these days
AT: sari had the same kinda nightmare as mars yesterday too
AT: so like, idk
AT: i really dislike the idea that there is something extremely weird going on
AT: but like
AT: something extremely weird is going on

DH: Ry, you're panicking
DH: You're gonna be fine
DH: Your dad will figure something out, he's a powerful man

AT: i doubt he's more powerful than whatever's out there
AT: and those rocks
AT: yknow in a way im glad the thing to take him down is a rock
AT: i never liked being his son
AT: i mean, i like being his son, he's a cool dad
AT: but i don't like who he is. and what being his son makes me be in turn

DH: Mood

AT: i struggle to believe that you really understand
AT: i've looked for you
AT: well, i've told people to look for you and tell me what they find
AT: and its not like there's other towers out there
AT: you just dont... exist
AT: but idk its nice to feel understood. relate to someone and all that stuff

DH: Moooood
DH: I'm glad we met
DH: You're really cool
DH: But please stop panicking you only share this much when you're panicking
DH: I assure you you're gonna be okay
DH: Sorry I just realized that sounds like I'm telling you to shut up

AT: right yeah
AT: let's change topic
AT: im just making myself feel bad at this point
AT: oh weird. mars just dm'd me
AT: but like from a new account or something

DH: huh?

AT: i think its one of those Violence scams that have been going around
AT: yknow where they get an account to DM you and stuff