Talk to your friends

One of your friends recently sent an image to the group chat, rendering another one of your friends unable to use their computer for a while. Neither are responding to messages.

[atomicTerrified began messaging deepseaHaven]

AT: mars isn't responding to dms
AT: i worry for him
AT: and sari
AT: but mostly him? weirdly?

DH: Maybe youre just used to sari disappearing all the time

AT: i mean, probably?
AT: but mars' parents always keep him occupied so he disappears just as much as her

DH: Hm. I hadnt thought about that

AT: i didn't even get to ask him if there was an asteroid in his dream
AT: well i did but he didnt like
AT: answer

DH: Why do you want to ask about that?

AT: dad's scientists found that there are way more rocks orbiting earth than they thought before
AT: like, a lot more
AT: its not like their equipment has changed so theres no way they missed them before due to damaged telescopes or something
AT: idk im not an astronomer i just feel like you wouldn't miss so many space rocks
AT: and their orbits are unstable which is scary
AT: and if mars knew about your tattoos he probably knew about the asteroids probably
AT: something weird is going on with him

DH: Wdym unstable?

AT: they're gonna crash into earth

DH: Oh cool!

AT: no not cool
AT: some of these things are big
AT: like, dangerous big
AT: like, dads nukes wont stop it from hitting us big
AT: like, a single hit takes most of humanity down big

DH: Oh.
DH: That isn't cool.