Introduce yourself

Your name is Claw. You're the next in line to lead the only few people who still live on the surface, which your people manage to do thanks to the shadow of the tower that is currently above your house. You don't really get to make executive decisions, or any decisions, really, but that is private information that the public isn't really meant to know. You don't particularly enjoy your lot in existance, but you're doing better than most people in a lot of ways. Online, your username is deepseaHaven. Your interests include swords, long-range combat weapons, and games that involve strategic thinking.

A lot of the time, you have difficulty realizing how other people will understand your words, leading to people thinking you're rude and hurtful, or simply not understanding you. You could think about a few reasons why this happens, but instead, you're just glad that your best friend understands it.