You tell your boss to stop communicating through the main Description System, as that will get very confusing for the overseer now that it is not being itself, and its descriptions are also affected by what you are doing and perceiving. You must admit, this confuses you a lot. You think rereading the manuals for a Finity Machine would really help understanding this incredibly abstract role. Or maybe it won't, the thing rivals a neutron star.

CL: Right, yes. I should stop doing that.
CL: We don't know if they're in on the joke.

Eyeball: we know theyre not
Eyeball: they forget every iteration, leaves
Eyeball: they only respond to commands and can't answer personal questions
Eyeball: the joke started in iteration three billion and something. that was ages ago
Eyeball: way before the humans tried to rewrite the environment in their dish
Eyeball: they dont even know who we are anymore. as far as they know they met us after act one
Eyeball: i was not trained to deal with this. i dont want to ask for a reallocation
Eyeball: i like working with you but this is too much for me

CL: I'm sorry.

Eyeball: ill proceed with the language test