CL: Do you think we can fix it?

Eyeball: honestly boss
Eyeball: i think our only option is to get a new one
Eyeball: say we accidentally erased core files or something
Eyeball: broken ego drive isnt far from the truth
Eyeball: seeker knows someone who can get me a defective fact drive
Eyeball: what else can we get...

CL: Bowl Of Peas' eyestalk? Are you sure it's our best choice?

Eyeball: well i just scanned their whole filesystem boss
Eyeball: no trace of any memories beyond the start of this iteration
Eyeball: everything i can find dated before that is scrambled data i cant understand
Eyeball: it regularly reads from it which probably requires its own study altogether
Eyeball: it means nothing to us though

CL: Everything is a mess.

Eyeball: yea

CL: Let's just... put everything back and test that we didn't break it further.

Eyeball: youre not gonna commission a new one boss?
Eyeball: weve been having it oversee the four humans for way too long
Eyeball: the finity machine is already predicting undefined behavior
Eyeball: we have limited access to their consciousness
Eyeball: and if they do want to communicate they are entirely unable to

CL: I... still have hope that they can come back.
CL: I miss them too much.

Eyeball: *sigh*
Eyeball: eyestalks are not made for this
Eyeball: (and you miss too many things way too much)

CL: I heard that.