Countless Leaves: And they were capturing all of them?

Eyeball: killing some too boss

CL: That must have been horrible. I'm deeply sorry for causing this.

Eyeball: its fine boss. im glad to have merged with all my past iterations at least
Eyeball: even tho i had to reveal myself to H-1 before stage- uh, chapter 2. i know thats nonstandard, boss

CL: That doesn't matter. I am glad you're okay. I'm sure this iteration will go well regardless.

Eyeball: its not like we have a second chance after this, boss
Eyeball: well it would be the sixteen trillion and first

CL: Yeah...
CL: That is... not great for us. I really hoped they could stay.

Eyeball: the G15 council seems to intend to stop us even if the humans succeed boss
Eyeball: i mean look at bowl of peas boss
Eyeball: oh how's the overseer doing?

CL: Everything seems intact except for... that. I wish I didn't regret giving it a human soul.

Eyeball: right