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AT: mars
AT: mars
AT: @anotherVenus mars
AT: mars
AT: mars please did you see an asteroid in your dream
AT: fuck off

DH: Rip

EF: what's an asteroid?

DH: It's like a piece of rock that comes from the sky
DH: And if you're born from one of those you're royalty

AT: what
AT: what?
AT: where did you
AT: no?

EF: are u ok ryann??

AT: wtf
AT: no
AT: an asteroid is just like a rock from outside earth
AT: there's literally nothing else to it
AT: sometimes we're in their way and they fall here

EF: wdym outside the earth???

DH: Well yeah but also sometimes people come in them
DH: That's how I was born

AT: you came from an asteroid

DH: Yes

AT: really

DH: Yes

AT: has anyone else been born from an asteroid

DH: Huh
DH: I've never thought of that
DH: No, I think I'm the only one

AT: so you've been lied to

DH: No I've seen it like I go back there every month
DH: For a monthly celebration to the stars that gave birth to me

AT: i don't believe any of this

DH: I'll DM you a photo

AT: a photo could still be like
AT: any asteroid impact
AT: but show me i'm interested now

AV: wait i want to see.
AV: unless it's gruesome.
AV: or looks like an actual birth.
AV: it's just an asteroid impact right?
AV: also hi.

EF: hi mars ^-^
EF: i have no clue what's going on