Check your friend group again

AT: hey sari

EF: ryann!

DH: Yo!

EF: how's y'all? ^-^

AT: mars had another dream
AT: things got pretty creepy

DH: She can scroll up, ryann.

EF: yeah i saw
EF: pretty fucky stuff @-@

DH: It's pretty weird yeah

AV: oh hey i just realized something.
AV: while reading an article about The Tower.
AV: we can all see it from where we live, rihgt?
AV: right*

EF: yea?

DH: Pretty sure i live under it

AT: i live in it

AV: i still don't believe you about that, ryann.
AV: ok but we all claim to live near it.
AV: which means that, somewhat realistically.
AV: we could meet up!

DH: ooo!

AV: yea!!
AV: i wish i could do that.

EF: who says you cant??

AV: parents.

AT: yeah mars but
AT: and i mean this in the nicest way i could possibly mean it in
AT: your parents are the absolute worst and i wish i could nuke them out of existance

DH: Hell yeah get 'em

EF: ok but i agree tho

AV: they're not so bad

DH: Sari how would you know
DH: You don't have parents

AT: holy shit claw

AV: jesus christ

EF: what
EF: what's happening did she say something bad

AV: hm.
AV: it's nothing, i guess.
AV: just that most people would have found that... upsetting.

EF: i see
EF: well i don't really know what parents are supposed to be
EF: so i don't really mind not having them
EF: so i guess it cancels out

AT: yeah just. dont say that kinda stuff again, claw

DH: Sorry
DH: I didn't realize how that sounded