You tell your friends about the dream you had.


AV: maybe it's because i talk too much about them.

EF: idk?? maybe. its weird that i had the same kinda dream

AV: can you describe what the people there looked like?

EF: cant remember, srry
EF: i think the skin colors were just ur chat colors
EF: thats all tho :b

AT: yeah i mean
AT: its like the obvious pick when you dont have a favorite color.

AV: my favorite color is the trans flag.

[TODAY AT 10:13AM]

AV: hey

AT: eyo

AV: had a dream like that again.
AV: im pretty sure i saw everyone but ryann.
AV: and sari was like dead and had these weird green gooey vines covering her eyes.
AV: and coming out of her.
AV: like the horrors y'all describe.

AT: the masses?

AV: yeah those. srry i just woke up.

DH: What was i doing?

AV: sort of standing there? and you had tattoos on ur face and stuff
AV: nothing fancy but i don't remember you talking about having them
AV: do you have tattoos on your face?

DH: Like, royalty marks?

AV: uh.
AV: yeah probably. they were like H-shaped marks.

DH: Yeah. Did I need to talk about them? I kinda assume everyone knows I have them

AV: how tho

DH: Status. And it's hard to not know me when everyone else lives in scrap metal huts.

AV: you're some random internet kid to me lol.

DH: Fine i guess.

AT: huh. that's kinda creepy though.
AT: what else did you see? was i there?

EF: hi! :D